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Globex Music’s New Refer a Friend Program Helps Artists Earn and Save

Globex Music is excited to announce the launch of our new Refer a Friend program, designed to help indie artists earn and save while collaborating with fellow musicians. As a leading music distribution platform, we understand the power of collaboration in achieving creative goals.

Our Refer a Friend program allows you to network with other artists who may not yet know how to sell their music online. By referring them to Globex Music, you can earn commissions while supporting new talent and managing your own royalties.

Through the program, your music audience will have the opportunity to distribute their original music through our platform, reaching streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Globex Music is associated with some of the biggest names in the industry, ensuring that artists are heard worldwide and fairly compensated for their work.

To get started, simply send us an email expressing your interest in inviting your friends to join the program. We will provide you with a unique URL that your friends can visit to learn more and sign up. You will then start receiving commissions, starting at 5% of their earnings. It’s important to note that these commissions are not deducted from the artists’ earnings – Globex Music shares its income with partners.

Join the Globex Music “Refer a Friend” affiliate program today and start earning while supporting independent artists. Contact us soon to express your desire to join our music distribution service.

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